Crested Butte


Where do you begin to write about a town that has everything? In winter, the best skiing and winter sports; in summer, unmatchable hiking and golf.

And all this set in a charming historic town unsullied by overdevelopment or pretension. In short, as their own website states, Crested Butte is clearly one of the “last great Colorado ski towns.”

While the list of recreational activities for the whole family can leave you breathless, the scenery is what steals your heart away. In the winter, the covering of snow on the mountains and town creates magic. In summer, wildflowers take over, and every angle of the mountain is enticing. No wonder mountain biking fever sets in during this season. Then there’s the town itself. A turn of the century mining town, the ambience and Victorian feel has been lovingly preserved to create a sense of being in another time altogether. Even the small details are well taken care of. For example, if you have a second home here, you don’t need a second car, as there is ample shuttle service to the mountains. There’s even an Adaptive Sports center for skiers with special needs. Crested Butte is creating a model for just how good a town can be.

An Average Lifestyle in Crested Butte:

Relaxed, casual, friendly and in love with nature would characterize residents of Crested Butte. Biking and skiing are a way of life, as is hospitality. Dress is casual, and sunshine is plentiful. Basically, people live a no-frills, genuine way of life in the mountains.

Local History:

Crested Butte is famous for its wonderful skiing and its outstanding fishing and hunting, but it also has a rich history that adds something majestic to this little ski town. Crested Butte was first visited by fur trappers in the early 1800’s. By 1870, silver was found in streams and Crested Butte became a hub to nearly forty thousand miners all trying their luck. The mining boom lasted for twenty years and then left Crested Butte to become a fishing and hunting spot. Now, 100 years later, Crested Butte has become a mecca for those seeking the best in vacation homes, ski vacation rentals and resort locations.


Colorado Rocky Mountains, in Southwestern Colorado in Gunnison Valley
Elevation: 8,885

Distance to other major cities:

Gunnison: 30 minutes (30 miles)
Colorado Springs: 4 hours (197 miles)
Denver: 4 hours (231 miles)